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Current logo of Azure

Azure Motor Company (or simply Azure) is a fictional car maker founded in 20th of June of 2012. It produces mainly family cars. It is one of the two automotive brands owned by VIVA.


Azure Motor Company was founded in June 20th of 2012 as VIVA's low-cost american market-focused brand. It was a 3-month project to create an American-market focused car brand that could sold low-cost cars, without dropping high equipment, good styling and after-market features. It's first car is the Aregio, a Compact Sedan/Station Wagon based on a modified platform of the VIVA VR33. It will sell it's cars on USA, Canada, all Latin American countries and from 2015 on Japan and China. It's headquarters are located in Maracaibo, Venezuela and California, USA. The name Azure means in Italian "Blue", hence the similar color in the logo. Some of Azure models will have italian-like names.

Current cars offeredEdit

MY2014 Azure Aregio

MY2014 Azure Serea

MY2014 Azure Sonora

MY2014 Azure Vitalia