Azure Serea
An Azure Serea SX with sport package wheels.
Vehicle Overall Info
Name Azure Serea
Platform VIVA SMX-MV
Manufacturer Azure Motor Company
Body styles 5-Door Minivan
Production 2012-Present
Model Years 2013-Present
Assembly San Diego, California, USA

Valencia, venezuela

Successor none
Predecessor none
Also Called Azure Sportsvan (beta name)

Neptune Activ Mk.III

Related VIVA VRM7 (Future)
The Azure Serea is a large minivan made by Azure since 2012. It was one of the three concepts made reality when Azure was presented to the public, along with the Sonora and the Gemini.

First generation (2012-Present)Edit


The Serea made it's first debut at a private event of VIVA in July 2012, in California, where the Sonora was also presented. It was a 3-month project for a sporty but practical 7-seater minivan, and the result was appealing to the public, and broke a scheme where most minivans were mostly boring but with great interior space. It was codenamed "Project SportsVan". It uses the same engines of the VIVA XrossOver 5 and the related Avantis xCrosser. It is actually one of the most sportier focused minivans made in the world.


The Serea is mainly focused at a sporty appearance, with the most noticeable details being the divided headlights and tailights, that follow an unique design theme specially for the Serea, which is related to the past combined with the future. In the upper headlights, there is found a high-beam projector style headlamp, and a 9-led bulbs daylight running light. In the other headlight unit, there is found the turn signal and low-beam lighting. The tailights also share these features.


  • It is sometimes reffered as "The 21st century Soccer mom vehicle".
  • It could be the only minivan to offer Wi-Fi connection as an option.
  • "Serea" is pronounced in spanish as "Cerea", like cereal, but in English, it is pronounced "Syrea".