Azure Vitalia
A MY2014 Azure Vitalia/AX2 SX 3-Door
Vehicle Overall Info
Name Azure Vitalia
Platform VIVA VR22 platform
Manufacturer Azure Motor Company
Body styles 3-door hatchback

5-door hatchback

Production 2012-present
Model Years 2014-present
Assembly Valencia, Venezuela
Successor none
Predecessor none
Also Called Azure AX2
Related VIVA VR22
The Azure Vitalia is a subcompact hatchback made by Azure Motor Company.

1st gen (2014-present)Edit

It was made under the P11 project code. It is based on the VIVA VR22's platform. It is one of the cheapest cars of it's class, starting at only US$ 8.860 or BS.F 94.000. It however, has some good equipmentin the base version (SX), like a MP3/WMA/USB radio with FM/AM and AUX input, a 6-speed automatic transmission, 16" wheels, a 2-mode air conditioner, a keyless door opening system and Low and high beam proyector headlights with led running lights at the side of the lower grille. It is available in 3 or 5 door hatchbacks. As said previously, it's pricing for the SX version starts at US$ 8.860 or BS.F 94.000.


  • This car is also sold as a Azure AX2 in Brazil and Argentina.