For 2013, between 2014 and 2015 model years, there will be a lot of new cars for the three brands, VIVA, Azure and Zenium.

Confirmed launchments for 2013 for VIVA:

-MY2014 VIVA VR77/Celerio GT, 4-Door coupé

-MY2014 VIVA VR77/Celerio, Full-size sedan

-MY2014 VIVA VR99/Royale, Full-size luxury/sports sedan

-MY2014 VIVA RV500, mid-size commercial van

-MY2014 VIVA VPR7, full-size pick-up truck

-MY2014 VIVA R-FSC, 4-door fastback

-MY2014 VIVA R-SLC, compact coupé, spiritual sucessor of all compact VIVA sport cars, like the FT (possibly)

-MY2014 VIVA XrossOver 7, full-size crossover SUV (possibly)

Confirmed launchments for Azure:

-MY2014 Azure Sevrano, compact SUV

-MY2014 Azure Aregio SportWagon, wago version of the Aregio

-MY2014 Azure Serea Turbo, with a 344hp turbocharged 2.5 I4 engine.

-MY2015 Azure Constellation, full-size sedan, American market version of the Zenium Cresta

Confirmed launchments for Zenium:

-MY2014 Zenium Avera Sedan, compact sedan based on the VIVA VR33

-MY2014 Zenium Cresta, full-size sedan

-MY2014 Zenium Versatis & Versatis Sport, comapct SUV's

-Zenium Rampage line, which consists of sports coupés, which will be subdivided into:

  • Zenium Rampage C, compact coupé
  • Zenium Rampage G, mid-size coupé
  • Zenium Rampage F, compact coupé
  • Zenium Rampage R, high-performance coupé

​-2013 Zenium Selecta, mid-size minivan

-2013 Zenium Spice, kei car

-2013 Zenium Alpha, kei car

-2013 Zenium Cosmos, kei car.