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VIVA Automobiles' current logo since 2012.

VIVA Automobiles is a fictional SketchUp automotive brand created in 2011 but originally founded in 1988.


VIVA was originally founded on 1953 as VAM (an acronym for Venezuelan Automobile Manufacture). It's very first car was the VAM 1100 , which was based on the Fiat 1100. Later on 1963, it launched it's first global car, the VAM S30, which sold from 1963 to 1968. On 1981 it was starting to get high problems when resources and sales meant. So, on 1987, it was under economical crisis and then on 1988 gone defunct. But some months later, VAM was resurrected as VIVA and then started to develop it's first car later. On 1989, the VIVA Warrior was presented, and had much expectations to sell in high levels. On 2002 VIVA launched it's first sports sedan, the SR Aero, which was literally a Renault Laguna for the american market. On 2004, it renewed it's logo and styling direction, which the first car that gone under this direction was the RV300, a compact LCV based on the Opel Combo II. On 2009 it got nearly the same situation of 1981, but got solved fast, with help of discontinuing bad models (like the short lived 2009 VIVA VR55 ). On November 2011, it was presented via the Google (now Trimble) 3D Warehouse and at the same time it presented the 2011 VR77. On March 2012 it revamped it's logo again and got developed a new design language, but everything for 2014. Currently, VIVA is in charge of 3 car brands, the VIVA R-Sport car line (a sub-brand of VIVA),  Azure Motor Company, a brand aimed mainly at economical italian-styled cars and Zenium Motors, a brand aimed at selling a wide variety of cars for all type of people, with it's lineup mainly based on Japanese cars.

Current & previous carsEdit

Current CarsEdit

Model Name Picture Class Body Styles Production Notes
VR11 image coming soon City Car
  • 3-door Hatchback
  • 5-door Hatchback (from 2nd gen)
2012-Present The future 2nd gen will include a 5-door variant, something never seen before in any other city car made by VIVA.
VR22 image coming soon Subcompact/Supermini
  • 3-door Hatchback
  • 5-door Hatchback
2011-Present Beginning from the 3rd gen, the VR22 is divided into two market dependent versions, the European and Asia and Oceania market VR22 and the North American, South American and market VR22.
VR33 VR33 2014 Compact Car/Small Family Car
  • 4-door Sedan
  • 2-door Coupé
  • 3-door Hatchback (1.5 gen)
  • 5-door Hatchback (1.5 gen)
  • 5-Door Station Wagon (1.5 gen, back in the 2.5 gen)
  • 2-Door UTE/Truck (1st and 1.5 gen)
  • 2-Door Convertible (from 2nd gen)
2011-Present With the introduction of the 1.5 gen (1st gen restyling), there were available for a short time hatchback, SportWagon and UTE[1] variants, but they weren't as sucessful as the rest of the line-up. Hatchback and UTE variants are permanently discontinued, SportWagon variant will return with the 2.5 gen restyled VR33 line-up.
VR44 VR44 2014 Mini MPV
  • 3-door Mini MPV (1st gen only)
  • 5-door Mini MPV
2011-Present 1st gen was sold with an additional 3-door variant, which was later discontinued when the 2nd gen was introduced to avoid bad sales.
VR55 VR55 2014 Mid-size car/Large Family Car
  • 4-door Sedan
  • 5-door Station Wagon
2009, 2011-Present The VR55 had an additional first generation that counts as a separate model due to not being linked in any way to the current VIVA line-up.
VR66 image coming soon Mid-size sports car
  • 2-door Coupé
2014-present Originally set to be launched with the first gen of the VR55 as a coupé version of it, the project was delayed until the introduction of the restyled 2nd gen VR55 and then the project of the VR66 was resumed, based on it and it's going to be launched after the introduction of the VR55 XR Turbo.
VR77 image coming soon Full-size car/Executive Car
  • 5-Door Liftback
  • 4-door Sedan (from 2nd gen)
  • 4-door Coupé (from 2nd gen)
2011-Present The 2nd gen will introduce a GT variant that wil be the 'spiritual sucessor' to the original VR77, due to the VR77 being converted into a 4-door sedan.
VR88 VR88 2011

Supercar (1st gen)

Sports Car (2nd gen)

  • 2-Door Coupé
2011-Present 1st gen was a mid-engined, rear wheel drive supercar, but the all-new 2nd gen is a more "compact option" and it's now a front-engined, rear wheel drive sports coupé.
VR99 image coming soon Full-size Luxury Car
  • 4-Door Sedan
  • 2-Door Coupé (2nd gen only, S-Tourer exclusive)
2011-Present The 2nd gen had an exclusive coupé variant that was only available in the S-Tourer trim, but it has been discontinued due to bad sales.
XrossOver 3 image coming soon

Mini SUV (1st gen)

Compact SUV (2nd gen)

  • 5-Door SUV
XrossOver 5 image coming soon Mid-size SUV
  • 5-Door SUV

Current R-Sport ModelsEdit

R-HSX image coming soon Sport Compact
  • 5-Door Hatchback
R-FXS image coming soon Sport Compact
  • 4-Door Sedan
R-VPX image coming soon Mid-size Minivan
  • 5-door Minivan

Previous modelsEdit

All models of VAM.

Model Name Image Class Body Styles Production Sucessor
LD500 image coming soon Compact Pick-up Truck
  • 2-Door Pick-up Truck
  • 4-Door Pick-up Truck
1990-1999, 1999-2004 VPR9
GX Wagon image coming soon Mid-size car
  • 5-door Station Wagon
1991-1995 GF
FR Coupé image coming soon Sport Compact
  • 2-Door Coupé
1992-1995 FT
FT FT Sport Compact
  • 2-Door Coupé
  • 2-Door Convertible
1995-2001 FV
GF image coming soon Mid-size car
  • 4-door Sedan
1995-1999 SJ
FH image coming soon Compact Car
  • 3-door Hatchback
  • 5-door Hatchback
1997-2001 FD
SJ image coming soon Mid-size car
  • 4-door Sedan
1998-2002 SR
FX image coming soon Sport Compact
  • 2-Door Coupé
1999-2002 none
FV image coming soon Sport Compact
  • 2-door Coupé
2001-2006 VK3
FD image coming soon Compact Car
  • 3-Door Hatchback
2002-2005/2006 VT3
SR SR Mid-size Car
  • 5-Door Liftback
2002-2007 VT5
SV image coming soon Full-size Sports Car
  • 4-Door Sedan
2002-2004 VT7
RV300 image coming soon Compact LCV
  • 5-Door Van
2004-2011 none for now
VK3 image coming soon Sport Compact
  • 3-Door Coupé
2004-2012 VR33 Coupé
XT7 image coming soon Full-size SUV
  • 5-Door SUV
2004-2008, 2009-2011 XrossOver 7
VM3 VM3 Compact MPV
  • 5-Door MPV
2004-2011 VR44
VT3 image coming soon Compact Car
  • 4-Door Sedan
  • 5-Door Station Wagon
2006-2011 VR33
VT2 image coming soon Subcompact Car
  • 3-Door Hatchback
  • 5-Door Hatchback
2007-2011 VR22
VT5 image coming soon Mid-size Car
  • 4-Door Sedan
2007-2011 VR55 (2009) , VR55
VT7 image coming soon Full-size Sports Car
  • 4-Door Sedan
2007-2012 VR77, VR99
XT5 image coming soon Mid-size SUV
  • 5-Door Crossover SUV
2007-2011 XrossOver 5
VM5 image coming soon Mid-size Minivan
  • 5-Door Minivan
2008-2011 none for now
VR55 (2009) image coming soon Mid-size Car
  • 4-Door Sedan
2009 VR55
R-SXR TurboWagon image coming soon Mid-size Car
  • 5-Door Station Wagon
2011-2013 none

Trims and Special EditionsEdit

  • XE: Standard version with basic equipment for all cars except VR88. Used since 2011.
  • XS: Mid-tier version with more equipment than the XE. Not used in certain VIVA vehicles.
  • XR: Includes more equipment than the XE. Also sports more sporty character (no pun intended). Used since 2011.
  • SE: Same as the XE version, but renamed. Used from 1995 to 2011.
  • SE-R/Sport: Same as XR version, but renamed. Used from 2004 to 2011.
  • SEL: Luxurious version of certain VIVA vehicles. Used from 2002 to 2011.
  • Sports Tourer: A high-performance version of the FTFV and VK3.
  • S-Tourer: Used to refer a high-performance version of any car. VR88's equivalent is X-Tourer. Used since 2011.
  • VTX: Same as the S-Tourer, but a bit more lower specs than it. Used only in the SR Aero.
  • Adreno: Higher spec special edition of the VIVA VR88 .
  • StarVan: Prototype of what could be a van based on the first generation VR22.


  1. UTE variant was also available in the 1st gen non-restyling line-up, and then it was added to the 1.5 gen restyled line-up.