A 1995 VIVA FT SE.
Vehicle Overall Info
Name VIVA FT Coupé
Platform Chrysler PJ platform
Manufacturer VIVA Automobiles
Body styles 2-door coupé

2-door convertible

Production 1995-2001

1996-2002 (convertible only)

Model Years 1995-2001

1996-2002 (convertible only)

Assembly Valencia, Venezuela

Johannesburg, South Africa

Normal, Illinois, USA

Successor VIVA FV Coupé
Predecessor VIVA FR Coupé
Also Called Alexander Neptune (South Africa)
Related Mitsubishi Eclipse
The VIVA FT was a 3-door coupé made by VIVA and Mitsubishi Motors. The FT was a sports car based on the 2nd gen Mitsubishi Eclipse. 

FT (1995-2001)Edit

The FT continued the split grille design first seen in the GF. Unlike it's predescessor, it didn't had hidden headlights. It shared the same 2.0, 2.4 and 2.0 turbo engines of the Eclipse. It proven to be popular in it's time and now, because it was cheap, could be easily tuned, and almost all of the spare parts were shared with the Mitsubishi Eclipse. It was RWD. Production was mainly at Mitsubishi's Normal, Illinois assembly plant, but it was also assembled at VIVA's Valencia, Venezuela plant. Standard features were: CD/cassette radio with AM/FM and AUX jack, 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox, fabric or leather seats and dual beam headlights.


  • It is sometimes called by people "Vivsubishi". That term is also applied to it's sucessors, who are also based on their correspondant version of the Eclipse (FV and VK3).
  • It was rebadged as the Alexander Neptune for the South African market.
  • "FT" stands for Fresh Tourer, reffering that the FT was aimed at first-time or young car buyers.