RV300 SE 2004
A 2004 VIVA RV300 SE.
Vehicle Overall Info
Name VIVA RV300
Platform GM4300
Manufacturer VIVA Automobiles
Body styles 5/6-door panel van

5/6-door wagon

Production 2004-Present
Model Years 2004-Present
Assembly Valencia, Venezuela

Zaragoza, Spain (2008 onwards)

Successor none
Predecessor none
Also Called Opel Combo C
Related Opel Combo C

Opel Corsa

The VIVA RV300 is a compact commercial vehicle made by VIVA.

1st gen (2004-Present)Edit

The first generation RV300 was presented in October 28th of 2004, months after the announcement of VIVA's logo and design direction change. It was an agreement between Opel/GM to sell the Combo C in most Latin American or North American countries. Unlike the Combo C, the RV300 has dual sliding doors and more paint options.

1st gen facelift (2008-Present)Edit

The RV300 was facelifted for the 2008 model year, with a new front and rear design, new color palette, improved materials and structure, improved suspension, new wheel styles, and improved interior materials & layout.

2nd gen (2014/2015-?)Edit

An all-new RV300 would be presented in 2014 or 2015, marking the end of 10 years of production of the first gen RV300.


  • With a single generation, excluding the facelift, it is one of the longest running VIVA's from now.