A 2002 VIVA SR Aero SE
Vehicle Overall Info
Platform Renault Laguna platform
Manufacturer VIVA Automobiles

Renault S.A.

Body styles 5-door liftback
Production 2001-2006
Model Years 2002-2007
Assembly Valencia, Venezuela

Sandouville, France

Successor VIVA VT5
Predecessor VIVA SJ
Also Called none
Related Renault Laguna
The VIVA SR (or SR Aero) was a mid-size liftback from VIVA and was sold from mid-2001 to to 2006.

1st gen (2002-2006)Edit

The SR was based on the 2001 Renault Laguna, and therefore, this can be; as someone could tell, the Laguna for the American market. On it's first year of production, it sold near 32,000 units.  It was really known for having a spacious interior and boot space. It used the Laguna's Start/Stop ignition system beginning from 2003. In 2004, because of VIVA's logo and design language changed, it was facelifted. Because of declining sales, it was discontinued in 2006 and was replaced by the VT5, which was sold as a mid-size sedan.


  • Fans called it a "Vivnault".
  • An alternate but official name is the SR Aero.
  • A station wagon variant was planned but later got cancelled.