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Vehicle Overall Info
Platform Mitsubishi PS platform
Manufacturer VIVA Automobiles
Body styles 2-door coupe

2-door convertible

Production 2007-2012

2008-present (Alexander Automobiles version only)

Model Years 2008-2012

2009-present (Alexander Automobiles version only

Assembly Valencia, Venezuela

Johannesburg, South Africa Normal, Illinois, US

Successor VIVA VR33 Coupé
Predecessor VIVA FV
Also Called Alexander Automobiles NepIII (South Africa)
Related Mitsubishi Eclipse
The VIVA VK3 is a sport compact built by VIVA Automobiles and Mitsubishi Motors.

VK3 (2007-2012)Edit

Replacing the FV, the VK3 launched in 2006, the styling is more agressive than the Eclipse and shares the same engines. It was built from 2006 to 2012 but the Alexander Automobiles version is still running, and it was discontinued to make place for it's sucessor, the VR33 Coupé. It also came with Sports Tourer variant, which featured an aggresive bodykit, turbocharged engine and racing-style seats.


  • This is the last Vivsubishi/Alexsubishi.
  • The Alexander Automobiles Nep-series are announced to be discontinued till 2015. After the VK3.