VR44 2014
A 2014 VIVA VR44 XE.
Vehicle Overall Info
Name VIVA VR44
Platform Hyundai ix20/KIA Venga platform (2nd gen)
Manufacturer VIVA Automobiles
Body styles 5-door MPV

3-door MPV (1st gen only)

Production 2011-present
Model Years 2013-present
Assembly Valencia, Venezuela

San Diego, California, USA

Bogotá, Colombia

Successor none
Predecessor VIVA VM3
Also Called VIVA VR22+

VIVA Domino

Related Hyundai ix20

KIA Venga

The VIVA VR44 is a mini MPV made by VIVA Automobiles.

1st gen (2011-2013)Edit

The 1st generation VR44 was based on a modified Honda Fit platform. It was part of a small controversy explained then later by VIVA, that the VR33 was bigger but with a lower name, it meant, that the VR44 had a higher number but smaller size. The 1st generation VR44 was available in 3-door and 5-door body styles. A cancelled variant of the VR44, the e-Cross, a rugged and off-road ready version of the 5-door variant, was planned and made, but only was made as a show car, it never entered production. It's rivals at it's time were mainly the Chevrolet Spark and the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

2nd gen (2013-)Edit

The all-new VR44 is a complete redesign over the previous model, and it's more larger (the VR44 now has a length of 4,207 mm). The 2nd gen VR44 is based on the Europe-only Hyundai ix20 and the Kia Venga. The new VR44 includes as standard equipment: double drink holder, a double USB port, an iPod dock, completely digital speedometer and info display, and a 3-mode Air Conditioner (Cold, Automatic, Hot), navigation radio with CD/MP3/WMA/AAC/USB/iPod and Android infotainment system. It can be chosen with a 6-Speed automatic or manual gearbox. Safety improvements over the previous VR44 includes: ABS and ESP as standard, 6 airbags, and back-up camera. Optional equipment includes: Roof racks, Sport kit (Side Skirts and front lip), dual-color seats, LED turn signals, 5 types of alloy wheels, and 3G Internet access. These are the engines for the 2nd gen VR44: 1.2 I3 with 101hp, 1.5 I4 with 132hp, 1.6 I4 with 136hp, 1.9 I4 with 152hp and 2.2 I4 with 163hp.


  • The Domino name was chosen by Joce.
  • This car is also called as a VR22+ in China, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea.
  • The 2nd generation VR44 resembles more it's predescessor, the VM3.