VIVA VR55 Aurora
VR55 2017
2016 VIVA VR55 Aurora XE (7SV)
Vehicle Overall Info
Name VIVA VR55 Aurora
Platform VIVA D5 platform (2011-2013)

VIVA D10 platform (2013-2017) VIVA CS+ platform (2017-Present)

Manufacturer VIVA Automobiles
Body styles 4-door sedan (*SV)

5-door station wagon (2014-Present) (*WV)

2-door coupé (VR66/Aurora GT) (*CV)

Production 2011-present
Model Years 2012-present
Assembly Valencia, Venezuela

Johannesburg, South Africa (As Alexander XS2, 2014-2015, 2015-present as VIVA VR55 Aurora)

San Diego, California, USA

Bogotá, Colombia

Valencia, Spain

São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil (2017-Present)

Tokyo, Japan (VIVA Japan K.K., 2017-Present)

Successor none
Predecessor VIVA VT5
Also Called VIVA VR66/Aurora GT (Coupé)

Alexander Automobiles XS2 (South Africa) (6SV-F)

VIVA オーロラ (Ōrora) (Japan)

Related Azure Sonora (1SN)


The VIVA VR55 is a mid-size car made by VIVA Automobiles, and marketed since 2011 as a successor to the VT5.

1st generation (5SV) (2011-2013)Edit

The 1st generation VR55 was launched in mid-2011. 

2nd generation (6SV, 6WV) (2013-present)Edit

The 2nd gen VR55 (Known for a short time as the New Vision) uses a brand new mid-size platform (VIVA D10), derivated from the Azure Sonora. The VR55 New Vision has a completely new styling, having more fluid and futuristic design elements, like the photochromic sunroof, agressive headlight styling, and others. Standard features are: Complete multimedia system with MP3/WMA/AAC and dual USB playback with an iPod dock with charging function with an infotainment system with a 9" touchscreen and GPS, a digital speedometer, double drink holder, 3-mode air conditioner, auto-heated seats, blue illumination, 5 airbags, Wi-Fi b/g/n router and Bluetooth connection, and the new TableTop system; that let's you use your laptop or draw or do other things with a popping-out table, in the rear of the front seats. It is more larger than it's predescessor. It's styling is strongly influenced by the Lexus LS. It's rivals are currently the Ford Fusion, the OT S4, the Avantis eXa, the Toyota Camry, the Mazda6 and the Chevrolet Malibu.

2nd gen restyling (6SV-F) (2015-Present)Edit

The VR55 underwent on a very heavy restyling in mid-2014, that updates it on almost every aspect. Aestethically, the new VR55 has a new front design with updated headlight design, incorporating VIVA's recent Xtralumination LED illumination technology, sharper profile lines that give a more sportier look, new rear with new tailight design and functionality, lower roofline for a more coupé-like design, and a redesigned interior scheme and design. Mechanically, it gets a new array of engines provided by various manufacturers, having as a base engine the 1.6 L EcoBoost I4 from the Ford Fusion and as the top-of-the-line engine the 3.5 L EcoBoost V6 from the Ford Taurus. The new VR55 has a longer rear overhang increased by 168mm, making the VR55 very close to a full-size car, but actually it's a mid-size car. The restyled VR55 is still made on the same platform as the previous one, but it has been heavily restyled estethically, mechanically and technologically. The SportWagon variant will be introduced months after the VR55 sedan goes on sale. The pricing for the base VR55 XE, will be US$ 22,452, 3k lower than the previous VR55.