VIVA XrossOver 3

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Vehicle Overall Info
Name VIVA XrossOver 3
Platform VIVA B Platform (1st gen)

Ford Global C Platform (2nd gen)

Manufacturer VIVA Automobiles
Body styles 4-door SUV

2-door SUV

Production 2011-present
Model Years 2013-present
Assembly Valencia, Venezuela

Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Successor none
Predecessor VIVA XT3
Also Called VIVA VXR3 (Model name)
Related Azure Milán

Zenium Versatis

The VIVA XrossOver 3 (pronounced crossover) (or model name VXR3) is a Mini SUV.

1st gen (2011-2014)Edit

The 1st gen XrossOver 3 was made to give competition to other mini SUV's like the Ford EcoSport, Fiat Sedici and Suzuki SX4. It was off-road ready.

2nd gen (2014-)Edit

The all-new second generation XrossOver 3 was presented in September 14th 2013 at the IAA 2013 (2013 Frankfurt Motor Show) and has underwent on major changes in terms of design, technology, dimensions and platform. The second generation XrossOver 3 is now based on a taller Ford global C-car platform, and it's based on the third generation Ford Focus hatchback. Compared to the previous generation XrossOver 3, the new XrossOver 3 has increased it's length by 200mm, and it's not longer classified as a subcompact SUV; now it's a compact SUV. The new XrossOver 3 is the first VIVA to incorporate VIVA's new Xtralumination LED technology, which increases lightning on more obscure roads and uses less energy. The new XrossOver 3 also features VIVA's all-new 4WD system, called Smart4, which stabilizes the suspension depending on the road's condition. The new XrossOver 3 can be bought as 4WD or 2WD (front wheel drive). It'll was first available in Venezuela beginning from November 18.


  • The 2nd gen model will have a 2-door variant.